+22° 16′ 17″ +114° 8′ 59″

Two of the most iconic landmarks in Hong Kong and Beijing are placidly set onto the screen. Capturing flashes from tourists’ cameras at Victoria Harbor towards the Hong Kong, and those at Tiananmen Square during the flag raising ceremony, the two videos suspend viewers’ expectation for a moment of phenomenal astonishment and silent expectancy.

Through a malleable progression of light, appearing and disappearing on the screen, the work encapsulates the obsession that people have for city icons. Confronted with the impossibility to capture the beauty of these icons in the dark, the viewer is a constant and relentless fight when the flashes never stop and the flickers maintain their stable progression.    

year & locations

2009 Casa Asia, Barcelona, Spain

2009 Loop Media Centre, Seoul, South Korea

2010 Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

2011 Osage Soho Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2011 Espace Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong, China

2015 Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey


Single Channel Video

Special Thanks to

Osage Gallery, Parasite Art Space