Etudes of the 21st Century

Étude for the 21st Century is a large-scale multi-channel video installation, articulated on a 30-meter long oscillating string. With moving images filmed by Robert Cahen and John Conomos over the last 40 years, the work is a glimpse of the world through the artists’ eyes. The flickering, fleeting projection traces a kind of human process. Moments of impulses – as light, as energy, as an image – are intercepted. How does one conceive, contemplate, rationalize and distil these moments? How can one capture them, and resist their disappearance in time?

In a world of excessive images, only a few remain. The work is a tribute to artists whom have preserved these intense moments of life, and whose unwavering energy sustains these images through eternality.

year & locations

2013 Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China



In Collaboration with Robert Cahen, John Conomos


Steve Hui (Nerve)

Technical Design

Jason Wong

Technical Assistance

Fiona Lee