Etudes of the Everyday

With contributions from 100+ cultural and art practitioners in Hong Kong, Etudes for the Everyday reflects on artistic practice in quotidian life. Art here is not confined to conventional disciplines. It is a mode of sensing, responding and acting. What will we learn if we practise this everyday? Will our lives change? Will a different energy flow in our city?

On a slip of paper, the size of the palm, each of the contributors share a thought for practice in the everyday. These etudes” are then encased in handcrafted wooden holders, and invite public participation through exhibitions, workshops, a printed compilation and an online platform.

Etudes for the Everyday online

Etudes for the Everyday practice guide:


Nadim Abbas

John Aiken

Peter Benz

Philine Bracht

Amy Chan

Crystal Chan

Clara Chan

Wallace Chang Ping Hung

Aric Chen

Movana Chen

Enoch Cheng

Grace Cheng

Vennes Cheng

Cheng Yee Man (Gum)

Cheung Chi Wai & Ida Kwong

Clara Cheung

Enoch Cheung

Reds Cheung

Kimburley Choi

Thickest Choi

Choi Yan Chi

Chow Yiu Fai

Birdy Chu

Bryan Chung

Ribble Chung

Chung Wai Ian

David Clarke

Josephine Do

Valerie C. Doran


Stella Fong

Vangi Fong

Frog King

May Fung

Raymond Fung

Arianna Gellini

Gerard Henry

Mette Hjort

Oscar Ho

Ho Siu Kee

Claire Hsu

Steve Hui

Tony Ip


Kan Tai Keung

Koon Wai Bong

Daniel Kurjakovic

Alan Kwan

Lai Chun Ling

Lai Tsz Yuen

Lai Wai Yi, Monti

Lam Laam Jaffa

Sef Lam

Lau Ching Ping

Gukzik Lau

Lesley Lau

Lau Tin Ming

Sophia Law

Lee Chi Wai

Lee Chun Fung

Leung Mee Ping

Joey Li

Rosanna Li

Evelyna Liang

Lui Chun Kwong

Vincci Mak

MAP Office

Phoebe Man

Ng Ka Chun

Lars Nittve

Janice Poon

Jeffrey Shaw

Stephanie Sin

Siu King Chung

County Tam

Eve Tam

Stella Tang

Greg Thomas

Vivian Ting

William Tsang

Adrian Tsing

Michelle Vosper

Josephine Wai

Annie Wan

Sunny Wang

Emma Watts

wen yau

Ada Wong

Bonny Wong

Wong Chi Chung

Fiona Wong

Justin Wong

Kacey Wong

Anthony Yeung

G Yeung

Yeung Sau Churk

Yang Yeung

Douglas Young

Bellini Yu

cally yu

Francis Yu

Louis Yu

Meipo Yuen

Project in collaboration with Stephanie Cheung.

year & locations

2013 Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan


Installation:103 études<br> Practice Guide and online platform for public participation; practice records

Etudes production

Crystal Chan, Lam Che, Lee Suet Ying, Puk Yin Lai, Wong Ho Yi

Practice guide photography

Lam Lui Kong, Roy

Practice guide layout

Chung Wai Ian

Practice guide photo retouch

Chung Ka Ming

Online platform user interface design

Cheuk Wing Nam

Online platform programmer

Perry Tang

Production assistance

Chan Yi Kwan, Tsim Hui Laam, Liv


Casper Chen, Phyllix Tzai

Special thanks to the following organizations and friends for helping us realize the project’s exhibitions and other initiatives (in alphabetical order)

Taiwan: Bamboo Curtain Studio, Beautiful Sound AV Company, Hanlife6910 - Chjeeo & Pola, 張全, Agua Chau, 林正文; Hong Kong: Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Asian Cultural Council, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Make a Difference Institute, Osage Art Foundation, the University Archives, the University of Hong Kong, Ah Ha, Esther Lin, Maisy, Shelley Sacks, Wong Chun Yam Leo, G Yeung and participants of all Etudes activities.