HKAC Pavilion

The work is intended to be a public art installation. It takes the form of a multi-functional pavilion under one of the bridges between the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Art School Learning Centre at Hopewell Centre.

With the bridge being the roof, a perforated facade is built at the corner between the road and the pavement. The facade concentrates and diverts lights from the city’s traffics to the pavilion. Each evening, these animated lights are cast onto the interior, creating interplays of lights and shadows similar to the stimulation of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s Space Modulator. Using a motion graphics tracking system, the computers recognise the light patterns and respond by projecting lights into the same space. The lights interact with one another, and when in collision, they generate simple yet meticulous sounds.

During daytime, the pavilion is a satellite activity space in the heart of the city. This space can be used for exhibitions, conferences, bookstores, etc. During nighttime when activities are kept to the minimal, it becomes a space for contemplation, a “night temple” in tribute to Hong Kong – the city of light.

year & locations

2008 Hong Kong, China



Special Thanks to

Hong Kong Arts Centre