Luna Park

This is a site-specific installation, which gently recounted stories of the past and present. As the original home of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, 12 Oil Street had always been associated with leisure, while North Point also offered plenty of entertainment in the old days. In the exploration of the relationship between ‘recreation’ and ‘re-creation’, the work invites the audience to find their way through a series of scenes, composed of images, sounds, scents, taste and narratives that were part real, part imaginary, and to travel through the urban landscapes of the Oil Street of yesterday and today.

Sound Design

Wong Chun Hoi


Julia Mok

Taste Design

Agnes Lee


Stephanie Cheung, Kingsley Ng

Technical Design

Jason Wong

Software Design

Cheuk Wing Nam

Project Assistant

Yu Wing Kei RiK


Pansy Lo, Yu Wing Kei Rik

Special thanks to

Mr. Michael Rogge for generously giving his consent to the inclusion of his 1950's footage of Luna Park in the work.

year & locations

2014 Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong, China


Installation / Theatre