Minamata: A Requiem

Fifty years ago, mercury pollution in the sea devastated the people of the small fishing towns near Minamata, Japan. Fifty years on, what lessons have we learned? What is the tide bringing in now?

Inspired by photographs of Minamata by Eugene Smith, Minamata: A Requiem is a requiem for the earth. The multi-media theatre performance was presented in collaboration with musician and composer Kung Chi Shing, together with actors, musicians and poets from Japan, the USA, the UK and Hong Kong.

In Collaboration with Kung Chi Shing

Composer and Music Director

Kung Chi Shing

Installation Design & Visuals

Kingsley Ng

Scenarist & Dramturage

Valerie C. Doran


Makoto Matsushima (Japan)
Maki Morisita (Japan)
Yau Chun Wai (HK)
Peter Suart (UK)
Julia Mok (HK)
Chiara Kung (USA)


Hahn Rowe (USA)
Kung Chi Shing (HK)
Leung Yan Chiu (HK)
Mike Yuen (HK)
Julia Mok (HK)
Shadow Kim (HK)
Les Fong (HK) Chan Wai Hong (HK)


Valerie C. Doran
Chow Yiu Fai

Lighting Designer

Gabriel Fung

Interactive Media Design

Carla Chan


Ribble Chung

Production Manager & Deputy Stage Manager

Cheung Heung Ming

Video Operator

Jason Wong

Audio Equipment


year & locations

2012 HKICC Multimedia Theatre, Hong Kong, China


Music Theatre