The Chinese character , literally meaning leisure, comprises two elements, (gate) and (moon), and evokes the serene and the poetic atmosphere of moonlight streaming into the house. The archaic characters and (meaning space) are equivalent. Both of them suggest the transition between time, space and events. In the immersive installation, the audience can contemplate on the shadows of swaying trees. While the sound of the summer breeze is actually frequency of a tuning radio, the idyllic is intertwined with current affairs.  The work raises the fundamental question: what is the state of mind required for listening to the world we live in today?

year & locations

2011 Osage Soho, Hong Kong, China

2012 Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, China

2013 Burger Collection, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong, China

2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan


Site-specific Installation

Audio post-production


Technical design

Jason Wong

Technical assistance

Vito Wang

Special thanks to

Osage Art Foundation, Mara Os, Carrie Wu, Catherine Chiau Hsu and June Ho.