Musical Loom

Transforming a 250 year-old antique loom, acquired from the Jacquard Museum of France, into an audio and visual instrument, Musical Loom responds to the context of northern France, where the loom has played a very significant role in the region’s economic development and witnessed its great recession in the last century. The loom’s mechanical motion, sounds, and the flow of threads do not only remind one of the industrial past, but also evoke collective emotions ranging from hope to distress. It is in a way comparable to Japanese haikus, whose brevity inspires a magnificent array of images. With hand movements similar to weaving, participants can activate light beams of the threads and weave sounds and images. This is technically made possible with an IR camera, IR and ultrasonic distance sensors, used for tracking participants’ hand movements. One can play the loom like a harp, control a 4-tone harmony and vary its volume, generating mechanical sounds or malleable musical expressions with different qualities of interaction.

year & locations

2005 Tourcoing, France

2006 Ircam – Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

2006 City Sonics, Les Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium

2007 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France

2007 Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong, China

2008 Museum of Art, Hong Kong, China

2010 Hong Kong Design Centre Pavilion, Shanghai, China

2010 Expo 2010 - Pavilion Lille Europe, Shanghai, China

2010 Creators Project, 798, Beijing, China

2012 International Art & Science Exhibition, Beijing, China

2014 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Museum of Contemporary Arts, Rome, Italy


Interactive Installation


Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing France

With the Support of

Francis Bras, Jean-Pierre Courcelle, Jean-Baptiste Droulers, Isabelle Bohnke

Special Thanks to

Richard Campagne, Matthieu Chéreau, Alain Fleischer, José Honoré (Musée du Jacquard), Joelle Pijaudier, Pascal Pronnier, Blandine Tourneux.