Musical Wheel

First exhibited at Osage Gallery, Musical Wheel was inspired by the context of its location. Kwun Tong was the earliest and most representative industrial quarter in Hong Kong, where an interesting tune is orchestrated by men repairing cars, people pushing trolleys, forklifts transporting goods, ventilation fans humming, printing drums turning, weaving machines looming…on a daily basis. This collective rotational energy of the working class is at the core of the work, which intends to bring together two polarities of centripetal force: everyday human instances and universal celestial movements. In the form of a rotational wheel, six meters in diameter, the work invites the audience to enter it for a contemplative experience. Participants can rest their backs on nine pieces of curved soundboards on the rotational ring, which creates ambient music as the boards slowly move across hundreds of mounted strings. At the same time, lights resembling time-lapse photography of a rotational night sky are projected, casting onto the ceiling trails of circular momentum.

year & locations

2007 Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2008 Osage Singapore, Old School, Singapore

2010 Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China



Special Thanks to

Osage Art Foundation