On Air

“Hong Kong, a small city home to 7 million people, has witnessed one of the largest migration influxes and outfluxes in modern human history.

The majority of Hong Kong population today is made up of the descent of immigrants and refugees, who fled to Hong Kong to escape from the wars and political unrests from 1940s – 1960s.

Hong Kong continued to be a haven for legal and illegal migrants from Mainland China and the East Asia region, of many who have risked their lives, in search of employment opportunities, or basic human rights and dignity. High-skilled expatriates also find the once colonised city welcoming, as they are often offered by more attractive social and financial packages than in their home countries.

On Air features 5 drifting cloudscapes with 5 resounding soundscapes. As their juxtapositions conjure up everyday moments from the lives of a range of Hong Kongers, the audience is invited to be with those who have travelled a long way and call this place home.


1.  Children of different nationalities playing together in the playground of ESF Shatin Junior School

2.   Members of the Vietnamese Catholic Association singing at a Sunday Mass in a congregation in Kowloon

3.   Rebearth, a free-style rapper who have moved back to Hong Kong from Canada, jamming  with his friend Steve Hui (aka Nerve) in Kennedy Town

4.   Skylen Dalanon, a domestic helper from the Philippines, humming a household-known lullaby “”Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan”” (In the Cradle’s Rocking) in North Point

5.   An immigrant from Mainland China humming a tune while working in a teahouse  in Tai Mo Shan “

year & locations

2015 Heritage Museum, Hong Kong, China


3D Video Installation

Technical Design and Field Recording

Jason Wong

Software Design

Cheuk Wing Nam

Special thanks to

ESF Shatin Junior School, Vietnamese Catholic Association, Vicky Do, Rebearth, Steve Hui, Skylen Dalanon