The mountainscape of the Hong Kong island, 240 meters above sea level, is cast as a floating sheet of bronze, framed in glass.

This land was reserved exclusively for the non-Chinese, so as to assure, according to Government records, “that a healthy place of residence may be preserved for all those who are accustomed to a temperate climate and to whom life in the tropics presents the disadvantage of an unnatural environment.” (Peak Reservation ordinance, 1904-1946)

With charismatic accuracy, the work calls for an objective look into the progressive erosion of the natural landscape, as promulgated by the steady advancement of the cityscape.

year & locations

2011 Osage Soho Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2012 ArtHK, Hong Kong, China

2013 Espace Louis Vuitton, Hong Kong, China

2014 Goethe Gallery, Hong Kong, China



Special Thanks to

Osage Gallery