Record: Light from +22° 16′ 14″ +114° 08′ 48″

In any given night, countless tourists add their sparks to the night view of Hong Kong as their cameras flash when they take pictures from the Hong Kong Peak. These flashes are usually washed out in the neon-lit spectacle. Casting light on what normally goes unnoticed, Record: Light from +22° 16’ 14” +114° 08’ 48” captures these flashes and translates them into etched markings on a 12-inch disc. Played on a gramophone, this track of light and music invites the audience to contemplate on quietly illuminating moments, beyond the city’s habitual sensory overload.

year & locations

2008 Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2009 Museum of Art, Hong Kong, China

2010 Museum of Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China

2010 Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China



Special Thanks to

Osage Gallery