Sail is a site-specific homage to Hans Haacke’s Blue Sail. Shown in its full dramatic theatricality, this work activates light into movement. Using incidental car headlights to trigger motorised movement, the work translates enchantment into a simultaneously hypnotising and soothing experience.

Through such meditative contemplation, the work subtly raises questions of art consumption. What happens when everyday objects, scenes and situations enter a predefined art space? The intrusion of headlights into the gallery space exemplifies the transition of value in a form of augmented presence. The movement of the veil magnifies this transformation by making it perceptible. It is precisely through this experience that the realization of value extends to the quotidian, as it exists in the world outside the context of a gallery space.

year & locations

2011 Osage Soho Gallery, Hong Kong, China


Site-specific Installation

Technical Assistance

Fiona Lee

Special Thanks to

Osage Gallery