Solitary Light

The enduring erosion between nature and the cityscape of the Hong Kong Island is displayed as silhouettes, suspended in mid-space over the horizon.

The city becomes a void; its lights and glamour have disappeared. Instead, lights from fireflies and the city’s dust emerge discreetly from the suspected landscape.

The work alludes to a poem by Qing Dynasty poet Zha Shen Xing 查慎行. The poet travelled on a moonless night, with just one solitary source of light reflected on the water surface. In the poet’s eyes, the gentle wind moved across the water surface, casting the solitary illumination into a stream of light.

year & locations

2011 Osage Soho Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2012 Art gwangju:12, Gwangju, South Korea

2013 Art Basel, Hong Kong, China

2014 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan


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Special Thanks to

Osage Gallery