A Poetic Interface

Alain Fleischer

Over the past few years, young artist Kingsley Ng has developed an art practice that could be said to be about transfer, metamorphosis and interface. Weaving together archaic artefacts and sophisticated technologies, he has created evocative works with a rare poetic quality....

To Feel the Shape of the Sun on Your Palm

Valerie C. Doran

In the 17th century, the Japanese poet Basho wrote:

Even in Kyoto—

Hearing the cuckoo's cry—

I long for Kyoto.

One evening in 2016, Kingsley Ng invited me to experience his recent project, Twenty-Five Minutes Older. Sitting on a pillow on the floor of a city...

Within the Moment of Exchange: The Infinity of Nature

Charles Merewether

Kingsley Ng has consistently sought to engage the audience through his multi-media based installations and event-based work. This form of contemporary art has been the hallmark of a new generation of artists who have been rethinking how new technologies of communication can be used...

About Kingsley Ng

Frank Vigneron

Being also a lecturer at the Academy for Visual Arts, the Baptist University of Hong Kong (AVA), Ng, like any other academic in Hong Kong, is regularly required to take stock of his career as an artist and academic. He therefore recently put into...

Record Light: Solo by Kingsley Ng

Stephanie Cheung

Welcoming visitors to this exhibition with moon.gate is bold poetry. The minimalistic piece, an in-situ rendering of projected shadows that might as well be taken as naturally cast through the door frame, is known to be a work that is frequently overlooked. To the...

Learning from jogjakarta

Kingsley Ng

Managing luggage through the Jogjakarta international airport can be a bit rough.

After going through customs, passengers gather behind a rope, and watch all the checked-in luggage pile up until there is no room left. Then all of a sudden the rope is lifted and...

Artist Initiatives through the Interstice

Kingsley Ng

One peaceful late afternoon, on the beach of a small fishing village at the foot of Mount Pinatubo in Zambales in the Philippines, three young men were watching a ray of light breaking through the clouds onto the South China Sea, a little boy...